JoodBooking provides all its B2C clients, hotels and companies, with online booking sites.

Online booking sites

JoodBooking provides all its hotel and corporate clients with special websites for online booking that are characterized by an easy user experience through the sequence of search and hotel pages and then booking, which makes the booking steps quick, all with a special design according to the customer's request.

Easy to book

An easy-to-use experience in choosing the room type and available booking options.


Ease of using the promo code on the site.

Follow up on reservations

The customer follows up on his reservations and sees their status and the possibility of cancellation.

Search engine optimization

Be at the top of search engine results through search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing.

Send a message via WhatsApp

The ability to confirm customer reservations via WhatsApp messages.

Providing different, simplified and secure payment methods that are fully integrated with all administrative systems.

Price control

The possibility of modifying prices in a flexible manner according to the period and room type.

Enable reservation

Allowing room reservations directly on the site via the Book Now button, or booking them upon request by displaying the Request a Booking button and the possibility of specifying that in the contract.

Request property

The Request Booking feature enables you to accept customer requests even if the requested room type is not available.

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