The JoodBooking system offers many diverse additions, such as electronic payment, the channel manager system, and Bed Bank sites.

Electronic payment

Many additions to electronic payment

The JoodBooking system provides many tools for electronic payment, such as Payfort, Paytab, Myfatourah, Urway, International, and Stripe, which makes it easier for the user to pay remotely and provide an integrated service.


Add-ons for communicating with customers

The JoodBooking system provides many communication add-ons that help you build communication on your site and everything you need to communicate with your customers, such as Communication, Msegat, Message Bird, email messages, and connecting to WhatsApp.

Bed banks

Bed banks locations

The possibility of linking the JoodBooking website to many room banks, such as Webbeds, Ratehawk, Channel manager, Ratetiger, and others, without any effort.

Channel manager

Channel manager additions with customers

The JoodBooking system provides the addition of channel manager with customers, which allows you to customize, manage, and control prices and availability on all selling sites such as RateTiger.

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