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A system for managing and marketing reservations for hotels and transportation that began with hotel reservations companies in Mecca and Medina and developed to include transportation and service reservations in cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the ability to manage hotels.


The most important problems that were addressed

Manage reservations

Difficulties in managing reservations in the traditional way.


Lack of ease of electronic marketing.

The craftsmen

Decrease in the number of direct customers (B2C).

paying off

Complexities of payment methods.

the solution

Practical and easy to apply solutions

Feature 1

Our team's experience in business and information technology.

Feature 2

Harnessing technology for users who have no technical experience.

Feature 3

Help with electronic marketing.


Better working experience with the Umrah company, hotel and reservation company

the hotel

Joodbooking Backoffice

JoodBooking platform for managing reservations in an automated and simplified manner without human intervention

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